Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Today real estate sector is growing and developing at a rapid pace. Realty segment is one of the biggest contributors to India’s GDP and generating employment opportunities as well. In every sector and industry, customers are remarkably important because they are the driving force behind their operations and real estate sector is no exception. Bearing in mind all these important aspects it’s very important that customer’s needs, requirements and rights are given due respect and consideration. Today, real estate sector is flourishing and is undergoing evolving phase. Earlier, customers used to consider real estate to be confined to just residential space. But now with time, real estate has grown and it now covers commercial as well as mix land projects. People now look real estate as an investment opportunity too, as the returns are higher and safer than any other investment option. At this point of time when realty sector is on its way to grow and develop significantly, connecting with customers is very essential.
With advancement in technology, access to information is much easier. Everyone nowadays is tech-savvy and opts to find information of any kind online. Here, comes the need to connect directly with customers. It is also applicable to real estate sector and due importance should be given to customers not just at the time of sale and purchase of property but also after sale services should be taken care of. These are the factors which help realty firms to get recognition and help them in creating a solid base in market as well. Good customer care makes the patrons happy and they also recommend the realty firm to others and word of mouth publicity is done. They may also come back as second home buyers or future investors. They will not stop themselves to recognize and praise the good work and will also turn to online platforms to recognize the eminent players. Online platforms are therefore becoming more important as technological advancements have brought realty sector online too. Updates about property, news, reviews and all the related information is available online and in fact many property developers also give option to book properties online.
India International Property Awards (IIPA), support the fact that buyers being the back bone of realty sector, should have full right to information about each and every aspect of properties they are investing in. Not just this, they should also be able to put forward their own views, good or bad, about the realty firms and their works. By doing so, everyone interested in realty sector would get authentic information, the source being reliable and trustworthy. Being the actual users of the property, customers and general public would always present correct information about the quality of work of any particular developer.

IIPA Awards intends to recognize and appreciate all those real estate firms and fraternities who have done excellent works in their fields and have supported the growth of this sector. By understanding the importance of correct, true and reliable information for selecting the most deserving nominee, IIPA has brought online polling as a robust tool in the hand of customers. For the first time in the history of Indian Real Estate, Online polling would be done to get authentic and reliable information. Such information would be true and correct in every way as the basis of such data are the views and assessments of actual users.  IIPA has made the online polling option available for all and anyone ranging from developers to customers and general public can cast their votes in the favor of their best nominee under different categories. The results would be accurate, honest and reliable. Online polling would bring all the Realty developers, networkers and realty segment specialists on a common platform and their work would be reviewed by the actual users. Getting results out of such systematized and candid system would help the entire realty sector and everyone associated with it to distinguish the excellent and finest of works.  Online polling would allow participants to choose the most eligible contender and the results would be reliable and genuine. IIPA Awards by initiating online polling intends to recognize and acknowledge the works of those realty fraternities who take that extra effort for the happiness and satisfaction of their consumers. They understand their duties toward the buyers and realize the value of their hard earned money. Online polling is to select best of realty players, extracts results from actual users and that feeling of getting recognized through true and honest views would be fulfilling and very pleasing. This would not only help realty fraternities to showcase and display their good work but also help in building strong goodwill and brand name in the market.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Indian economy is one of the fastest developing economies in the world. Globalization has led to international integration opening up doors for world trade, increased mobility of goods, services, capital and ideas etc. across boundaries, development of advance means of communication and most important being interconnection across borders. This escalating phenomenon of globalization has directly or indirectly influenced various domains including real estate. Today every sector or industry sees globalization as a means to find new and unexplored markets to expand their business portfolios. The real estate market is no exclusion and in the recent set-up realty sector is also open to global changes, events and influences.
In an era, where every other thing is exposed to international markets, it is clear that globalization has penetrated every chunk of market and is set to stay forever. Our country and its nationals are no exception. Globalization provides better prospective for our Indian market and international markets to come in close contact with each other, where consumers can also have a wide variety of options to choose from. Today we find major part of Indian population working and residing overseas. All this is possible because of globalization wave. Globalization has made individuals and entrepreneurs to explore international market too, instead of refraining themselves to just domestic market. Taking into consideration this phenomenon of globalization, India International Property Awards (IIPA) is an opportunity for real estate entities to showcase their quality and excellence of work globally.

 In order to reach out wide segment of prospective buyers, it’s important for Indian real estate sector to go global. This would fetch them bigger markets outside their domestic boundaries. In order to achieve high sales and profits from international markets as well, they have to reach out those untapped arcades.  Being destination awards, IIPA is a brilliant platform for the real estate fraternities and firms to display their work and services to the Indians residing overseas, who could actually be turned into prospective buyers. The maiden edition, IIPA 2015 is to be conducted very soon in Delhi, India. IIPA Awards plans to take the further editions of these awards to various destinations across the globe. IIPA Awards aims to provide a podium for realty sector to display their work across the globe and reach out the untouched international markets and buyers. The finest works of realty developers, networkers and specialists as well as every important sector associated with real estate sector would be recognized and acknowledged through India International Property Awards (IIPA). ). By making it a destination award, IIPA aims to guide the customers desiring to invest in Indian realty market. By acknowledging the best of works in real estate, IIPA Awards endeavor to highlight the premium realty works and related personalities before the clients residing in and outside India, as well. Customers staying overseas interested to invest in Indian realty market can be easily reached and educated via such kind of destination awards. India International Property Awards (IIPA Awards) will be an exclusive and distinct set of awards to highlight the hard work of developers across India under different categories, globally.

Thursday, 16 April 2015


The real estate sector has come across a long way in the past 20 years. From residence to commercial projects, from low-cost housing to luxury housing and much more. This sector has not only changed the shape of development, but has also handsomely contributed to the Indian economy. With a consistent contribution of significant amount to the GDP each year, this sector is ready to take the economy to the stars.
But still, the purchasing decision of buyers is a long and confusing process. They are most of the times so confused that they have to think a lot and research a lot before investing their hard earned money in property. The information available to them is not real and sculpted to a great extent. This is a major reason that there is a slowdown in realty market today.  Customers are not motivated to invest in real estate. Grabbed by the fear of being cheated and deceived, makes them hold back their investing decisions. With immense options of realty developers present in the market today, buyers find themselves tangled, result being, suspension or termination of property buying decisions. It is in fact to be noted that there is not even a single platform where the buyers get all the reliable and genuine information collectively at one place. They do not have any source which proves the authenticity of the property and the real estate firms too. Today we see that demand in realty sector seems to be decreasing, but if studied and researched thoroughly we will find that in most of the cases it is the wrong information or confusion in the minds of buyers which holds them back to buy or invest. Every buyer wants to pick the best deal when making purchase, but that can be successful only in the case when they have all the trustworthy and complete information about the realty developers and their projects.
From among many factors taken into consideration while buying property, a well-recognised realty firm is preferred over the other players in market. The reason being very simple, that recognition and goodwill is always achieved by consistent good work and best customer services. But then again, authenticity of this recognition is questioned because these days even the recognition is also on sale. Here, comes a need of a reliable source or platform that recognizes and appreciates the finest of people and their works. Because, it’s important that the outstanding and supreme works of finest realty developers do not go unnoticed. Such performance and commitment is worthy of recognition of the highest level.
This is where the importance of recognition; of awards come into picture. The ultimate achievement is earned when the hard work is appreciated, and this is only possible when awards are presented to the people associated with this sector. Recognizing the people of this sector will benefit both, developers and customers. The developers will be motivated to do even better and if they do well, customers get greater standards of living and infrastructure. Money and fame does not always go parallel. It is easy to earn money but equally difficult to gain fame. Therefore, it is very important that real estate gets the right honor and justice that it deserves. 

Awards in real estate sector has been an international phenomenon. But these awards have been gaining popularity in India over the past few years, primarily because, an award not only allows the company to come into limelight but gain a name and fame which helps them to reach at a wider set of audience. Greater the popularity, larger the target audience becomes thereby creating credibility into the minds of the customers to choose that particular brand. This ensures greater return in the short and long run. It is extremely important that this sector gets recognized as it is currently the highest contributor to the economy. Awarding the right people for the best performance will identify their talent and good work in addition to the recognition and acknowledgement they get among buyers. This would not just help them in acquiring the confidence among potential buyers but on the other hand, will bring lot of goodwill to build their strong brands in the market. 

Monday, 13 April 2015


The India International Property Awards (IIPA 2015) would be the biggest real estate awards in the honor of those realty fraternities who have done excellent and high quality work in the real estate sector throughout India. IIPA Awards 2015 are first of its kind awards which would be given to realty players who have been directly or indirectly contributing to the growth of Indian Real Estate & Infrastructure and to those who have done a commendable job and helped the sector to reach the unprecedented growth rate, better than anywhere in the world. IIPA Awards will be the benchmark for quality, excellence and recognition in the Indian Real Estate Sector. Media attention is a must for such a grand occasion. It would bring visibility to the prominent personalities from realty sector and energize allies, not to forget how glad the awardee would be to be mentioned in the press.

The India International Property Awards (IIPA 2015) would be the first of its kind red carpet awards. These awards are entirely dedicated to the consistent hard work and success carried out by the people of the real estate sector across India. By this move, the entire real estate sector will be thanked and recognized. IIPA Awards will give reputable accreditation to the real estate folks. Not just this, IIPA Awards are the destination awards. Maiden IIPA Awards 2015 is being organized in Delhi, catering to PAN India real estate sector. In its further editions, IIPA is planning to take the awards to foreign destinations like UAE etc, as well. The final selection of the awardees under different categories will be done by a transparent and well-planned procedure. Finally, everything is ready for the ceremony to reward the exemplary achievements and accomplishments of the right people. The Red Carpet is to be walked upon on 27th June this year. So, let’s cross our fingers and hope that the best performance wins the day!!!