Thursday, 27 August 2015

Realtors Seek effective implementation of Smart Cities Project

Real estate industry today hailed the announcement of 98 Smart Cities, but said the government should aggressively focus on effective implementation of these projects.
NEW DELHI:  Real estate industry today hailed the announcement of 98 Smart Cities, but said the government should aggressively focus on effective implementation of these projects to stimulate economic growth and improve quality of urban life. 

The Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Association of India (CREDAI) also demanded that the private sector should be roped in to realise this mission. 

The Centre today released the names of 98 cities selected for the Rs 48,000-crore mega Smart Cities project. The remaining two names are pending. 

Uttar Pradesh has the maximum of 13 cities to be developed as smart cities, followed by 12 in Tamil Nadu, 10 in Maharashtra and 7 in Madhya Pradesh. 

"It is a good initiative by the government but this should be followed through aggressively so that the implementation of Smart Cities become a reality. Private sector should be roped in to realise this mission in whatever way possible," CREDAI President  Getamber Anand said. 

Property consultant CBRE's  South Asia CMD Anshuman Magazine said the successful development of these Smart Cities would now hinge on their effective implementation and monitoring at both central as well as state levels. 

"Huge fund mobilisation, government capacity building at the state and city level and public private partnerships will be required for development of these cities. This can be a game changer for India as it can stimulate economic growth, besides improve the quality of life for millions of people," Magazine added. 

Another realty consultant JLL India's Managing Director - (Infrastructure Services) Shubhranshu Pani said the smart city initiative would give a much-needed boost to the cities and improve the infrastructure liveability quotient of urban India. 

"More importantly, it will boost employment because of the new projects being executed, which in turn will improve the country's GDP. The phased approach of deployment, starting with 24 this year and 40 next year and so on is definitely the right way to go," Pani added. 

The  JLL official also said that many of the Smart Cities projects would need significantly more funding than initially envisaged by the government. 

"The scale of funding will be as high as 20-40 times the resources allocated by the government. Many urban local bodies are not geared up for this to raise that much public money, as their books are in deficit and loss. Superior funding mechanisms have to be brought out," he added.

Source: PTI

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Nominate for India's 1st People's Choice Realty Awards: IIPA 2015

New Delhi: The last date for filing the  nominations for India's 1st People's Choice Award is fast approaching. The organising committee of India International Property Awards (IIPA) has announced the last date for filing nominations as 31st August 2015. 
Once the nomination process gets over the data collected will thoroughly checked and arranged for online polling. The online polling will be conducted over a database of 1.5crore people all across the nation. Lacs of emailers will be sent every hour and people would also get the option to vote on the official site of IIPA Awards. A huge social media campaign is also being planned to engage with maximum people. 
The organising committee for IIPA is of the view that "no real estate awards have ever happened where the normal citizens of this country have been enrolled. People do awards just for the sake of it with no platform. IIPA is a novel thought based on trust. Being a people's choice awards this would be hugely popular amongst the normal masses and will be one of the most trusted as even after the people vote there are two more stringent qualifying rounds for participating organisations to cross. Though it will be an important sight to see that how many people actually understand the thought process. We have been receiving nominations from Bengaluru, Mumbai, Lucknow & Kolkata in addition to Delhi/NCR and have received over 70 nominations under various categories. We expect about 150 more companies to file nominations.
Realty market in India is still understood to be a little immature but we all need to run faster to catch up with booming world real estate. With IIPA we plan to give the Indian Real Estate which it always lacked, a trusted award with never seen before visibility."


Sunday, 9 August 2015

Nominate your leaders & Recognise their Efforts

New Delhi: IIPA 2015 aims at not just rewarding the organisations but also the people behind their success. We at IIPA clearly believe that a ship cannot sail all alone and the captain needs a lot of able and talented crew members to take his ship to its destination. 
With India International Property Awards (IIPA) maiden edition to be launched very soon we have thoughtfully planned categories for professionals/individuals for their contribution in various organisations or to the sector and have helped in growth. Categories have been finely designed on parameters like strategy, sales, media planning etc which will define everyone's contribution. 
So nominate your leaders and recognise their efforts. 
All the best!!

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Thursday, 6 August 2015

IIPA 2015: CSR Awards

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been the buzzword for many corporate and they explain it that it is their way of giving back to the society which has made them whatever they are.
Today CSR is not just confined to big corporate or industries but numerous Real Estate players have also been seriously participating with various CSR activities since many years now. They employ thousand of unskilled labourers for whom they not just only provide meals but one can find schools providing preliminary education to their children at numerous construction sites. One can also find a lot of activities for the women working or living at these sites. Apart from these a lot of activities like running schools, donations to NGOs, cleanliness drives, green plantations etc have always been undertaken by various real estate players all across the nation. 
These companies have always been the unsung heroes because no one cared to write or recognise them for what they have been doing. 
At IIPA 2015 after coming across several queries we not just incorporated CSR awards but are also working on developing a separate section for it. We at IIPA believe that at times it becomes necessary to market what you do so that the people should become aware about it. Such awareness from platforms like IIPA will surely help bringing about a change in perception among the general masses for Indian Real Estate Players. Being a people's choice award we believe that IIPA can be real good start for bringing about the change which we all have been talking. 

Team: IIPA

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

India's 1st People's Choice Realty Awards: IIPA 2015

Real Estate sector has always been fighting for recognition. And recognition doesn't come easy. With one of India's largest emoloyment sector and the 2nd biggest contributor to country's GDP, it's an irony that we still talk about recognition for realty sector which otherwise would have been provided years ago.
India International Property Awards (IIPA) 2015 is an honest step to being recognition not by policies but by bringing the masses closer to real estate. Through it's unique concept of online polling IIPA 2015 aims at engaging Crores of people in the polling process by giving them the powers to vote for their favourite. This will also create awareness about realty players who otherwise have been the unsung heroes. Through this process we want people to read about numerous players who have achieved feats of excellence in their working. And then let the people decide and vote for their own favourites.
IIPA will be the real game changer of Indian Real Estate which is an step towards improving the perception of realty among the general masses which comprises of present and future buyers. The success of IIPA will surely bring that much awaited change and we hope to see people winning and receiving the award with pride.
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