Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Indian economy is one of the fastest developing economies in the world. Globalization has led to international integration opening up doors for world trade, increased mobility of goods, services, capital and ideas etc. across boundaries, development of advance means of communication and most important being interconnection across borders. This escalating phenomenon of globalization has directly or indirectly influenced various domains including real estate. Today every sector or industry sees globalization as a means to find new and unexplored markets to expand their business portfolios. The real estate market is no exclusion and in the recent set-up realty sector is also open to global changes, events and influences.
In an era, where every other thing is exposed to international markets, it is clear that globalization has penetrated every chunk of market and is set to stay forever. Our country and its nationals are no exception. Globalization provides better prospective for our Indian market and international markets to come in close contact with each other, where consumers can also have a wide variety of options to choose from. Today we find major part of Indian population working and residing overseas. All this is possible because of globalization wave. Globalization has made individuals and entrepreneurs to explore international market too, instead of refraining themselves to just domestic market. Taking into consideration this phenomenon of globalization, India International Property Awards (IIPA) is an opportunity for real estate entities to showcase their quality and excellence of work globally.

 In order to reach out wide segment of prospective buyers, it’s important for Indian real estate sector to go global. This would fetch them bigger markets outside their domestic boundaries. In order to achieve high sales and profits from international markets as well, they have to reach out those untapped arcades.  Being destination awards, IIPA is a brilliant platform for the real estate fraternities and firms to display their work and services to the Indians residing overseas, who could actually be turned into prospective buyers. The maiden edition, IIPA 2015 is to be conducted very soon in Delhi, India. IIPA Awards plans to take the further editions of these awards to various destinations across the globe. IIPA Awards aims to provide a podium for realty sector to display their work across the globe and reach out the untouched international markets and buyers. The finest works of realty developers, networkers and specialists as well as every important sector associated with real estate sector would be recognized and acknowledged through India International Property Awards (IIPA). ). By making it a destination award, IIPA aims to guide the customers desiring to invest in Indian realty market. By acknowledging the best of works in real estate, IIPA Awards endeavor to highlight the premium realty works and related personalities before the clients residing in and outside India, as well. Customers staying overseas interested to invest in Indian realty market can be easily reached and educated via such kind of destination awards. India International Property Awards (IIPA Awards) will be an exclusive and distinct set of awards to highlight the hard work of developers across India under different categories, globally.

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