Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Today real estate sector is growing and developing at a rapid pace. Realty segment is one of the biggest contributors to India’s GDP and generating employment opportunities as well. In every sector and industry, customers are remarkably important because they are the driving force behind their operations and real estate sector is no exception. Bearing in mind all these important aspects it’s very important that customer’s needs, requirements and rights are given due respect and consideration. Today, real estate sector is flourishing and is undergoing evolving phase. Earlier, customers used to consider real estate to be confined to just residential space. But now with time, real estate has grown and it now covers commercial as well as mix land projects. People now look real estate as an investment opportunity too, as the returns are higher and safer than any other investment option. At this point of time when realty sector is on its way to grow and develop significantly, connecting with customers is very essential.
With advancement in technology, access to information is much easier. Everyone nowadays is tech-savvy and opts to find information of any kind online. Here, comes the need to connect directly with customers. It is also applicable to real estate sector and due importance should be given to customers not just at the time of sale and purchase of property but also after sale services should be taken care of. These are the factors which help realty firms to get recognition and help them in creating a solid base in market as well. Good customer care makes the patrons happy and they also recommend the realty firm to others and word of mouth publicity is done. They may also come back as second home buyers or future investors. They will not stop themselves to recognize and praise the good work and will also turn to online platforms to recognize the eminent players. Online platforms are therefore becoming more important as technological advancements have brought realty sector online too. Updates about property, news, reviews and all the related information is available online and in fact many property developers also give option to book properties online.
India International Property Awards (IIPA), support the fact that buyers being the back bone of realty sector, should have full right to information about each and every aspect of properties they are investing in. Not just this, they should also be able to put forward their own views, good or bad, about the realty firms and their works. By doing so, everyone interested in realty sector would get authentic information, the source being reliable and trustworthy. Being the actual users of the property, customers and general public would always present correct information about the quality of work of any particular developer.

IIPA Awards intends to recognize and appreciate all those real estate firms and fraternities who have done excellent works in their fields and have supported the growth of this sector. By understanding the importance of correct, true and reliable information for selecting the most deserving nominee, IIPA has brought online polling as a robust tool in the hand of customers. For the first time in the history of Indian Real Estate, Online polling would be done to get authentic and reliable information. Such information would be true and correct in every way as the basis of such data are the views and assessments of actual users.  IIPA has made the online polling option available for all and anyone ranging from developers to customers and general public can cast their votes in the favor of their best nominee under different categories. The results would be accurate, honest and reliable. Online polling would bring all the Realty developers, networkers and realty segment specialists on a common platform and their work would be reviewed by the actual users. Getting results out of such systematized and candid system would help the entire realty sector and everyone associated with it to distinguish the excellent and finest of works.  Online polling would allow participants to choose the most eligible contender and the results would be reliable and genuine. IIPA Awards by initiating online polling intends to recognize and acknowledge the works of those realty fraternities who take that extra effort for the happiness and satisfaction of their consumers. They understand their duties toward the buyers and realize the value of their hard earned money. Online polling is to select best of realty players, extracts results from actual users and that feeling of getting recognized through true and honest views would be fulfilling and very pleasing. This would not only help realty fraternities to showcase and display their good work but also help in building strong goodwill and brand name in the market.

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