Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Awards, no doubt cater to recognition. Because, it is agreed by all the social sciences, that the most important driver of behaviour is the quest for social recognition. Awards can be considered as societal symbol of recognition. It's no secret that recognition is an indispensable ingredient for sparking motivation, boosting morale and inspiring anyone to perform to their fullest potential. By recognizing contributions and rewarding ones accomplishments, a clear and powerful message is sent that their efforts matter. What's more important is that those who feel valued are more likely to continue to deliver their best work.  Awards work because they create role models, highlight the values of a society, and also bring prestige to individuals who have won the awards.

India International Property awards (IIPA) also aims to spotlight the star performers of real estate sector and honour their dedicated services.  IIPA Awards are meant to honour and reward those realty stalwarts who have achieved great feats in their work. IIPA Awards will recognize the stellar performances of the real estate fraternities and firms that have gone the extra mile. 

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